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VoCare Names MobilDrTech US Distribution Partner for Vitals360® Remote Monitoring Device

January 13, 2022 Vitals360® is a revolutionary medical device, purpose-built from the ground up to be an optimal solution for remote patient monitoring and telehealth. The device, essentially an Android cellphone with RPM/CCM tools built in, allows healthcare providers to remotely capture key clinical vital sign measurements from a single device that is self-contained and directly upload the data by way of the cloud into the provider’s clinical information system. Monitorable vitals for the Vitals360® include heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, ECG heart rhythms and temperature. In addition, other devices such as weight scales may be added via Bluetooth connectivity. The Vitals360® device has been through rigorous clinical trials and FDA clearance and offers secure data transfer to any product that can accept the physiologic measurements.

According to Nat Gist, President of MobilDrTech, “As a telehealth solutions provider for almost 20 years, I have been searching and waiting for a disruptive product for the Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management (RPM/CCM) market. The Vitals360® checks all the boxes, from open API to scalability to EHR integration to cellular connectivity to vitals monitoring to built-in camera and video call capability. We are very excited to be selected as a US distributor.”

VoCare’s CEO Steven R. Peabody states that: “The Vitals360® device improves patient care while reducing costs and is poised to revolutionize Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth through its unique ability to provide real-time patient vitals to their healthcare provider. MobilDrTech is an experienced distribution partner who will speed the transition from hubs with multiple connected devices to a single self-contained platform.”

MobilDrTech Named US Distribution Partner for Auscultation Innovator eMurmur

November 18, 2021 - MobilDrTech, Inc. is proud to announce its selection by eMurmur as a US Distributor for their latest commercially available digital stethoscope platform, eMurmur. The product is available immediately from MobilDrTech for medical providers, telemedicine equipment and service providers, hospitals, health systems and third-party payers. Marketed versions include Basic, Pro, Telehealth and Enterprise levels and pricing schedules.

eMurmur is an innovative, digital auscultation platform, tested and proven in top academic medical centers. It employs advanced engineering to enable listening to the entire body with clarity greatly valued by even the most highly trained ear. The software facilitates the use of the most widely used telemedicine stethoscopes over the Internet, enabling recording and streaming from iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Windows and Mac-based computers and laptops via a browser-based portal. Click here for more information.

According to Nat Gist, President of MobilDrTech, “Having worked with telemedicine stethoscopes for over 15 years, I was immediately impressed with the capability and potential for the eMurmur open platform in telemedicine. Customers have long searched for ways to use various digital stethoscopes with iOS and Android mobile devices in addition to laptops and PCs. We are very excited to be selected as a US distributor.”

Andreas Schriefl, PhD, founder and CEO of eMurmur states: “We are very pleased to partner with MobilDrTech as a US Distributor for eMurmur. We have been impressed with their extensive knowledge of the telemedicine market and with their record of outstanding customer service. I am certain they will contribute greatly to our success.”

Riester Acquires PCP Stethoscopes from RNK - MobilDrTech Continues Stethoscope Sales & Expands Product Line

August 10, 2021 Rudolf Riester GmbH of Jungingen, Germany, has acquired PCP-USB and PCP-1 stethoscopes from RNK Products, Inc. The RNK PCP line of stethoscopes has been rebranded as ri-sonic® PCP stethoscopes and Riester has assumed manufacturing operations and distribution. MobilDrTech, Inc. is pleased to announce a business affiliation with Riester where MobilDrTech will continue marketing, sales and support for the ri-sonic® PCP stethoscopes as an authorized dealer for Riester.

MobilDrTech, Inc. is pleased to announce a VAR business affiliation with Riester where MobilDrTech will continue marketing, sales and support for the ri-sonic® PCP stethoscopes as an authorized dealer for Riester. In addition, MobilDrTech will have full access to Riester’s extensive line of products for resale to its customer base.

Working closely with Riester USA, MobilDrTech will add products from their portfolio to its’ current lineup of telemedicine products which includes stethoscopes, cameras, mobile cart platforms, software and remote monitoring devices.

MobilDrTech Releases Updated White Paper on Telemedicine Stethoscopes

July 14, 2020 MobilDrTech, Inc. releases updated white paper comparing telemedicine stethoscopes. The July, 2020 update identifies and compares design, features and cost for the most frequently used real-time telemedicine stethoscopes in the U.S. market.

MobilDrTech, Inc., a respected vendor of telemedicine equipment and diagnostic devices ( has released an updated version of it's popular White Paper on Telemedicine Stethoscopes. The document identifies stethoscopes most frequently used in the U.S for real-time telemedicine patient examinations. It reviews the history of the development of telemedicine stethoscopes over the last 25 years and compares stethoscope design, features, utility and cost for currently used brands and models.

Healthcare providers are rapidly adding remote teleauscultation to their telehealth and telemedicine programs. The technology selection process can be difficult and confusing. This White Paper is provided as a free service to assist providers in their product research and selection process.

The White Paper explores the evolution of digital stethoscopes used specifically for remote patient examinations. The history of modern telemedicine stethoscopes can be traced back over 25 years to a stethoscope with an analog output that worked directly with telephone land lines. From that point, until today, development of wired and wireless digital stethoscopes has continued at a rapid pace and AI assisted devices are beginning to appear that blur the lines between stethoscopes and other diagnostic and monitoring devices.

MobilDrTech Enhances their Medical Product Line with Acumentrics' Pack-Power™ System

January 22, 2020 MobilDrTech, Inc, a Texas based full-service telemedicine systems and equipment provider announced that they are now offering the Acumentrics' Pack-Power system which provides full power autonomy for telemedicine care anywhere, anytime.

The Pack-Power™ is a compact, rugged FAA compliant portable power system that delivers complete power autonomy by taking any source and converting it to regulated DC, AC, and USB output. The unit also features an on-board battery to extend run-time.

The Pack-Power™ ensures that a telemedicine session can be conducted despite the absence or interruption of external power and provides supplemental charging for battery-powered devices. In addition, Pack-Power™ includes a built-in USB data hub so that multiple USB devices, like exam cameras, stethoscopes, and otoscopes can be operated and monitored simultaneously through a tablet or laptop. The unit is water-splash as well as dust resistant and can withstand heat, cold, and humidity.

MobilDrTech to Launch Low-Cost Telemedicine Exam Cam / ENT Kit for RNK Products

November 18, 2019 MobilDrTech, Inc. is pleased to have been selected by RNK Products, Inc. (RNK), a pioneer in telemedicine stethoscopes and medical devices, to launch their new exam camera kit which breaks the barrier for value in a price sensitive market. Now there is a camera that providers can economically deploy across their programs.

Those in the market for telemedicine exam cameras, know that the market has, until now, priced out many providers due to the high price of available devices. Now there is a product that can be affordably used at virtually every telemedicine site.

RNK has designed special components and software that can be used with off-the-
shelf HD webcams to create a low cost, high quality exam cam with ENT (ear, nose, throat) capabilities.

MobilDrTech Partners with BodiMetrics to Bring RPM Home

June 13, 2019 MobilDrTech, Inc. has entered into a partnership with vitals monitoring device maker BodiMetrics™ to market FDA 510k approved VitalsRx Monitor with spot vitals and continuous ECG and SpO2 monitoring.

​Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) are two rapidly growing areas of medicine. In early 2018, CMS "unbundled" the CPT code for Remote Patient Care, 99091. This separated qualifying services from existing telehealth and telemedicine reimbursement guidelines. This has opened the door for healthcare providers to be reimbursed for RPM services including data collection and care coordination for patients, even those at home.

MobilDrTech, Inc. and BodiMetrics™ announce a strategic partnership to market professional and consumer grade collection and analysis of health vitals with pocket-sized devices to improve management of chronic conditions, enhance quality of fitness and wellness programs and optimize clinical trials and research.

MobilDrTech Announces Collaboration with QT Medical for Release of Personal 12-Lead ECG

February 19, 2019 MobilDrTech, Inc. has entered into a partnership with award winning startup QT Medical to introduce the PCA 500, the world’s most compact, wireless, 12-lead ECG system for personal use.

At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, QT Medical announced the launch of its Personal Cardiac Assistant (PCA 500), the only FDA-cleared, hospital quality, 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for personal use.

Several health trackers including Apple Watch 4 can record single lead ECGs and identify arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation or AFib. A 12-lead ECG can do much more and remains the medical standard for comprehensive medical evaluation, such as for the diagnosis of arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, and importantly, heart attacks (STEMI).

MobilDrTech Releases White Paper on "Telemedicine Stethoscopes"

January 8, 2019 MobilDrTech, a respected vendor of telemedicine equipment and diagnostic devices ( has released a white paper identifying and comparing design, features and cost of today’s most frequently utilized telemedicine stethoscopes.

Many healthcare providers are rapidly adding remote auscultation to their telehealth and telemedicine programs. This white paper is provided as a free resource to assist them in their product research and selection process.

The white paper explores the evolution of stethoscopes used specifically for telemedicine encounters. The history of telemedicine stethoscopes can be traced back almost 25 years to a stethoscope with an analog output that worked directly with normal telephone lines. From that point until today, development of newer and better hardware and software has continued unabated.

Three charts summarizing the features and cost comparisons from the document can be downloaded here:

Full text of the white paper can be downloaded here:

MobilDrTech Announces Opening of Online Store with Posted Pricing and Popular Telemedicine Equipment

April 20, 2017 - MobilDrTech is pleased to announce the launch of an online store offering proven, mainstream telemedicine products that work well together at fixed, reasonable prices.

Are you starting your first telemedicine clinic, opening an additional one or just adding devices to your existing program?

MobilDrTech has put together an excellent set of products and, unlike larger telemedicine resellers, does not try to sell everything that anyone could possibly need. Neither do we limit our product line to a single manufacturer or try to lock you into certain product lines. We provide the best mainstream telemedicine products we have found and used successfully with our customers in a wide range of telemedicine settings.

In the Online Store, MobilDrTech offers:

  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conference Platforms

  • Otoscopes

  • Stethoscopes

  • General Examination Cameras

  • Mobile Telemedicine Carts

  • Portable Integrated Cases

  • Do It Yourself Telemedicine Kits

  • Accessories

MobilDrTech will be featuring the website at Booth 2040 at the American Telemedicine Association conference in Orlando April 23 – 26. Please stop by for more information or check us out online at .