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April 30, 2022
View Video of PCP-Stethoscope used with eMurmur

April 9, 2022
Download eMurmur for Digital Stethoscopes

April 9, 2022
Download ri-sonic PCP Stethoscopes & eMurmur

February 15, 2022
Download PCA 500 ECG Brochure
PCA 500 Brochure

February 15, 2022
Download ECG Reimbursement Guide
ECG Reimbursement Guide

January 10, 2022
Download VoCare Vitals360 Datasheet
Vitals360 Datasheet

January 10, 2022
Download VoCare Vitals360 Technical Specs
Vitals360 Tech Specs

January 10, 2022
Download Vitals360 Reimbursement Guide
Vitals360 Reimbursement Guide

January 10, 2022
Vitals360 Study in COVID-19 Patients
Vitals360 Study in COVID-19 Patients

January 10, 2022
4 Ways to Reduce Hospital Costs
Vitals360 - Hospital Cost Reduction

November 19, 2021
Download eMurmur Digital Stethoscope Software Platform Datasheet
eMurmur Datasheet

November 18, 2021
Auscultation Innovator eMurmur Selects MobilDrtech as US Distribution Partner

August 6, 2021
RNK PCP Stethoscopes Rebranded to ri-sonic PCP Stethoscopes
ri-sonic PCP Electronic Stethoscopes Datasheet

June 30, 2021
Joint Press Release - Let's Talk Interactive / MobilDrTech
Press Release Content

June 30, 2021
New Product Announcement
Let's Talk Interactive Telemedicine Software

June 17, 2021
New Product Announcement
RVS-100 Vital Signs Monitor Brochure

June 17, 2021
New Product Announcement
RVS-100 Vital Signs Monitor

June 11, 2021
New Product Announcement

RCS-100 Wireless General Examination Camera

MobilDrTech Releases White Paper on "Telemedicine Stethoscopes"


MobilDrTech, Inc. releases a white paper titled “Telemedicine Stethoscopes” that identifies and compares the most commonly used real time telemedicine stethoscopes in the U.S. market.


Sugat Land, TX, January 8, 2019—(PR.Com)—// Telehealth, Telemedicine, Stethoscopes, Healthcare, Industry News, Market News, Press Releases, Products and Services


MobilDrTech, a respected vendor of telemedicine equipment and diagnostic devices ( has released a white paper identifying and comparing design, features and cost of today’s most frequently utilized telemedicine stethoscopes.


Many healthcare providers are rapidly adding remote auscultation to their telehealth and telemedicine programs. This white paper is provided as a free resource to assist them in their product research and selection process.

The white paper explores the evolution of stethoscopes used specifically for telemedicine encounters. The history of telemedicine stethoscopes can be traced back almost 25 years to a stethoscope with an analog output that worked directly with normal telephone lines. From that point until today, development of newer and better hardware and software has continued unabated.

Three charts summarizing the features and cost comparisons from the document can be downloaded here:


Full text of the white paper can be downloaded here:




Chrome Compatible Telemedicine Stethoscope API in Beta


July 2, 2018 // HealthcareIndustry NewsMarket NewsplanetWebRTC.comPress ReleasesProducts & ServicesTelemedicineWebRTC


VIERA, FL – JULY 02, 2018 – RNK Products, Inc. (RNK) has created a Chrome compatible “application programmers interface” (API) for its PCP-SSP stethoscope signal processing software. This new API will enable Value Added Resellers (VARs) to easily integrate the FDA cleared stethoscope signal processing software into their own platform.


Key features of the PCP-SSP/API software include:

  1. Capability to use the audio channel of the video conferencing to pass the stethoscope signal.

  2. User selectable audio filters to enable clinicians to focus on lung sounds and heart sounds separately.

  3. Local loop back to enable a clinician with the patient to listen to the same sounds as the remote clinician.


Because it is built on Chrome and well matched to WebRTC video conferencing, PCP-SSP/API will work on any platform that hosts Chrome.

The PCP-SSP/API software works with the high performance PCP-USB stethoscope that dominates hospital/clinic telemedicine applications, including in the VA network. The PCP-USB is also the easiest to use telemedicine stethoscope on the market. It is a plug-n-play device that plugs into any USB port. It needs no batteries and there are no patient controls.

“The trend in telemedicine system development is to browser based technology using WebRTC for the video conferencing and Chrome for the browser,” says Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK. “PCP-SSP/API software and the PCP-USB stethoscope are ideal for those telemedicine systems serving all levels of acuity.”

To meet the demand for real-time stethoscopes in browser based telemedicine systems, RNK is pleased to move to the Beta stage for its Chrome compatible PCP-SSP/API software.


More at


Release of White Paper: Integrating Telemedicine Into EHRs


With telemedicine continuing to be at the forefront of the media, partnered with C. R. (Rich) Abbruscato, to author a white paper titled, "Integrating Telemedicine into EHRs."


May 30, 2018 --(, a free online EHR resource for small to mid-sized medical practices, recently released a white paper exploring the integration of telemedicine into EHRs.


Besides helping break down the top EHR solutions to narrow down the choices, also provides industry insight on the hottest topics in the health information space.

With telemedicine continuing to be at the forefront of the media, partnered with C. R. (Rich) Abbruscato, to author a white paper titled, "Integrating Telemedicine into EHRs." With over 20 years in telemedicine, Rich is one of the pioneers in the telemedicine market. He is founder of RNK Products (using the brand Telehealth Technologies) a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of telemedicine medical devices (most notably real-time stethoscopes) and telemedicine systems.


This white paper is a composition of a four part series of articles that provides insight into just why so many organizations are struggling to integrate telemedicine into EHRs. To view the white paper in full, visit


In this white paper, Rich helps the reader better understand the question that integrators ask themselves of “which EHR”? Then he goes on to explain “what not to do.” Learn about a sensible approach for a telemedicine-to-EHR interface and a possible breakthrough that the telehealth and EHR industry has been looking for.


More at


MobilDrTech Announces Opening of Online Store with Posted Pricing and Popular Telemedicine Equipment


April 20, 2017 - MobilDrTech is pleased to announce the launch of an online store offering proven, mainstream telemedicine products that work well together at fixed, reasonable prices.


Are you starting your first telemedicine clinic, opening an additional one or just adding devices to your existing program?

MobilDrTech has put together an excellent set of products and, unlike larger telemedicine resellers, does not try to sell everything that anyone could possibly need. Neither do we limit our product line to a single manufacturer or try to lock you into certain product lines. We provide the best mainstream telemedicine products we have found and used successfully with our customers in a wide range of telemedicine settings.


In the Online Store, MobilDrTech offers:

  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conference Platforms

  • Otoscopes

  • Stethoscopes

  • General Examination Cameras

  • Mobile Telemedicine Carts

  • Portable Integrated Cases

  • Do It Yourself Telemedicine Kits

  • Accessories


“Our goal is to operate a store that offers providers what they really need quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost. If we do that, we will be very successful.” says Robert Jenkins, Director of Customer Services for MobilDrTech.

MobilDrTech will be featuring the website at Booth 2040 at the American Telemedicine Association conference in Orlando April 23 – 26. Please stop by for more information or check us out online at .


About MobilDrTech:

MobilDrTech, Inc. is a full-service telemedicine equipment and software provider based in Sugar Land, TX. The company provides HIPAA compliant video conference platforms and is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for leading manufacturers of telemedicine stethoscopes, otoscopes, dermatoscopes, general examination cameras and fully integrated telemedicine carts, cases and DIY Kits. 


Press Release:  RNK Releases FDA Class II Cleared Telemedicine Stethoscope Software 


July 7, 2016 - RNK is pleased to announce the release of a simplified version of its FDA approved sSOIP telemedicine stethoscope software.  This new software version is called PCP-SSP and works with RNK’s flagship PCP-USB stethoscope.


Key PCP-SSP features:

  • Enables the stethoscope signal to be sent over the audio channel of a video conferencing connection.  No separate network connection needed.

  • Can automatically mute the room audio when stethoscope sounds are being sent.

  • Provides filtering options for the clinicians to focus on heart sounds and lung sounds separately.

  • Provides a local monitor capability so that the clinician with the patient can hear the same stethoscope sounds as the remote clinician.


Remote auscultation involves two software elements on the PC:  1) stethoscope signal processing and 2) network transport.  PCP-SSP lets the video conferencing equipment handle the network connectivity as an MDDS, while it handles the stethoscope signal processing as an FDA cleared medical device.  By performing the stethoscope signal processing functions and satisfying FDA requirements, PCP-USB relieves the video conferencing system of both technical and regulatory responsibilities.

All electronic stethoscopes are not approved for telemedicine.  For example, an electronic stethoscope with an analog connection to the Microphone port of the telemedicine system PC requires that the PC perform the analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital encoding.  By doing that such a telemedicine system has inadvertently become subject to FDA regulations for a Class II medical device.


“We are very pleased to be able to respond to customer demand for a straight forward telemedicine stethoscope package that works with any Windows PC based video conferencing system and meets key clinical user needs while maintaining FDA compliance” says Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK.


About RNK Products, Inc.

Founded in 2003, RNK Products, Inc. specializes in electronic and telephonic stethoscopes, under both its own label Telehealth Technologies, and under private labels used by its Value-Added Resellers.  RNK offers a range of stethoscopes to fit any institutional or home telemedicine program.

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